14 September 2011

Pasta with Red bean .

If we are looking for some great breakfast recipes which are quick and easy to prepare then we must consider pasta recipes. There are a great variety of dish we can make including low calorie and low in fat recipes which can be prepared at home. Red Bean Pasta is one of them which can be prepared easily and your children will love to have it anytime.
                So try this pasta recipe in your home and don’t forget to share the experience with me.
Pasta-100 grams
Red Beans-50 grams
Tomato-200 grams
Raw black pepper-10-12
Oregano-1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon olive oil
4-5 cloves garlic
Salt to taste
1.Soak the red bean over night and boil it in the morning till it get tender.

2.Boil the pasta.

3.Chop tomatoes and garlic.

4.Heat oil in a pan.add chopped garlic and pepper.

5.Add tomatoes and fry till it get tender.

6.Add salt to taste and oregano.

7.Make a paste.

8.Add the pasta and red bean.

9.Mix it properly ,fry for 2 minutes.

10.Serve hot with brown bread toast.



  1. Pasta is a very testy recipes and i love the pasta food

  2. Exactly it was tasty. Ever since when I attend the party I will first eat pasta than the other food being display there.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this nice recipe of pasta.I like it.

  4. Nice put together meal, can easily be modified by what you have in the fridge. Healthy too, nice post.

  5. Wow this is easily healthy foods...I try to cook this is my house..Thanks for the recipe that you shared for us..Keep it up..You made it..

  6. i love the pasta it's a very very testy recipes.


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