11 July 2011

Sweet corn and Spinach Sandwich.

Spinach is called the blood pressure regulator,if our blood pressure is low it makes it normal and if the blood pressure is high than also it helps us to get normal.In a line it is a great leafy vegetable must be included in our daily diet.We can take is as spinach soup ,spinach salad or as in Indian curries.Most females suffer from a disease called anemia(lake of blood in our body) spinach is of great diet for them.

                                                   In my today's recipe i have included Spinach and made a tasty sandwich which all age group will like.It is mixed with sweet corn which is also very healthy and they both make a great sandwich.I hope u will try and enjoy.

Brown bread-4 pieces

Refined oil-2 teaspoon
Spinach leaves- 100 gms or 2 ounces
sweet corn-100 gms or 2 ounces
garlic cloves-5
2 small onions
pinch of ajinomoto (chinese salt)
Black pepper powder-1 teaspoon
tomato sauce-2 tablespoon
soya sauce-1 teaspoon
vinegar-2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
pinch of sugar

Steps To Prepare 

1.Chop the spinach,onion and garlic.Take a pan in high flame,add oil,when the oil get hot add chopped garlic,chopped onion, add Sweet corn  and chopped spinach ,fry for 1 min,Add black pepper powder, ajinomoto and salt to taste.

2.Add tomato sauce , soya sauce ,vinegar and pinch of sugar. 

3.Mix it properly.

4.Take  the brown breads,cut into triangle slices,stuff it with the prepared sauce and the spinach and sweet corn sandwich is ready to eat.



  1. Delicious and healthy dish, I would plan to prepare it this coming weekends. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  2. All of the foods that you shared in this blog are look delicious! Maybe i will try to cook some dish like that at home :D . Thanks for the recipe and ingredients.

  3. I have searching for information and finally this blog is very good and the nice designed.

  4. Oh I think this is yummy! The recipe was saucy and healthy i guess. I will try this when I got home. Thanks!

  5. All I can say that it was such a delicious food you used to offer and I happy that I am learning new recipe. Thanks for this.

  6. OH..I was totally amazed of the recipe that you used to share here and eventually like to prepare it later. Thanks for the recipe.

  7. This looks strange but I would like to try this recipe. Maybe this taste good. Thanks for sharing this.

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