08 July 2011

Sweet corn and apple salad.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day so it should be tastier ,healthier and yummy.If fruit salads are taken in the morning we feel fresh and energetic .There is a famous saying in English "One apple a day keep the doctors away" but how many of us stick to this.It is a big question mark as in our busy schedule we forget to take the required vitamins and protein intake in our daily life.
It's not too late.Try having at least one healthy(any fruit like banana,apple,orange,guava)fruit in a day.Don't stick to fruit juices,take raw fruits .
Today i am presenting some fruit salad which is very healthy and kids also like as it contain sweet corn and red apple.It is best for diet conscious people as only 1 tablespoon mayonnaise is used but if you don't want to use mayonnaise than go for fresh yoghurt(curd).


Red apple-2 medium sized
Sweet corn-50 gms
Pomegranate seeds-10 gms
Chat masala-1 teaspoon
black pepper powder-1 teaspoon
mayonnaise or curd-1 tablespoon

Steps to Prepare
1.Boil the sweet corn for 4-5 mins.

2.Cut the red apples into shapes u like.

3.Take some pomegranate seeds

4.Mix the sweet corn,apple and pomegranate seeds.

5.Add chat masala,black pepper powder

6.Add mayonnaise and mix it properly.

7.The fruit Salad is ready.



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