12 July 2011

Sizzling Food Presentations that will Make anyone Greedy of Food.

Food Presentation is even more important than preparing the food.It doesn't catch any once eyes unless it is presented in a best way.Food Presentation is called the art of styling , decorating food  in the best way to attract  people.In case of food the visual presentation plays a very important role because if the food doesn't catch our eyes than we will not even try it.Food presentation is done with garnishing,styling the food by adding  some raw vegetables on it or with some herbs .The Container in which the food is presented must be stylish or colorful as it helps the food to look more appealing.
              Here I present some great images of Food Presentation which i collected from the internet .These images are so attractive and awesome that you will feel like eating it at the same time.Have a great day and try some of these in your home.



  1. I love Food Presentation it's very tasty recipe.

  2. Hi,

    very nice food presentation and tips are very usefull for all who are interested in food presentation and cooking.

  3. Food presentation:

    balance : two three colours
    shape : go for variety of shapes
    texture : combine a balance
    flavour : combine
    portion size : balance portion sizes to plate

    Hobday, Cara, and Jo Denbury. Food Presentation Secrets; Styling Techniques of
    Professionals. Richmond Hill, Ontario: Paul Carslake, 2010. Print.
    citing whole book for useful presentation techniques and tips

    this book is great :)

  4. Very unique recipe. I can't figure out how does it taste. The recipe is too easy to follow. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I like the art of the food that you make.And its all looks delicious huh!You did a good job! I should say thumbs up ..


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