15 July 2011

Semolina and Soozi Upma.

Semolina ans Soozi upma is an innovative South Indian dish by me.I love soozi upma and thought of adding some extra ingredient to make my breakfast more healthy and delicious so i tried for this upma .This dish is tasty and healthier that my family loved it.It is an easy and quick recipe for breakfast prepared only in 15 minutes.

                                 For breakfast it is best chosen as it doesn't contain much oil and masalas.It is so light food that even people suffering from diseases( who can't take heavy food) can take it.Don't forget to try it in your home because your children also like it.


Semolina(Semia)-50 gms
Soozi(rawa)-50 gms
Onions-2 big sliced
Curry leaves-2 bunch
Chana dal-10 gms
Green chili-4 sliced
salt to taste
pinch of sugar
2 big cups of water
Mustard seeds-1 teaspoon

Steps to Prepare.
1.Roast semolina and soozi till golden color.

2.Heat oil in a pan,add mustard seed to splutter,add green chili,curry leaves and chana dal.

3.Fry for 2 mins in high flame.

4.Add water.

5.When the water is boiled,add roasted semolina and soozi,fry till the water get resolved and semolina get boiled.

6.Semolina and soozi upma is ready to eat.


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