18 July 2011

Healthy Apple Stuffed Golgappa / Puchka / Gupchup.

Golgappa the famous Indian Snacks is famous for its Yummy and Spicy taste.Almost all the age group like it in India.It is available in all the cities as well as small villages in India.From the age of 4-5 i am enjoying having it.Teenagers die to have it any time.In my School days i enjoyed it the most with my best friends.It is so tasty that when we talk about ,we feel like eating it.

                    Usually golgappas are filled with boiled potato,boiled chick peas ,some masalas and served with some green and red chutney with sour or sweet tamarind water .But here i have changed the main stuffing, i have filled the golgappas with apples,sprouted moong and chana which makes this Snacks healthy one.Replace it with the golgappas you take,it is as tasty as the old one.

8 Raw Golgappa(home made or you can buy it from general stores).
1 medium sized apple
1 Tablespoon sprouted moong
1 tablespoon sprouted kala chana
1 teaspoon pomegranate seeds(anar dana)
Black salt as per your taste
Chat masala as per your taste
sev-1 tablespoon
Red Chutney(Mithi Chutney)
How to prepare Red Chutney?
Take 10 gms Tamarind(imli) pulp,1  tablespoon red chili powder , 2 tablespoon sugar , 1 teaspoon Fennel seeds(saunf),5 small cardamoms,2 tea spoon salt and 1 cup water.

Boil it till the paste become thick.

Drain it as shown below and the red chutney is ready.

Steps To Prepare
1.Finely chop the apple.

2.Take the raw Golgappa in a plate.

3.Fill the golgappa with chopped apple.

4.Add some sprouted moong and chana.

5.Add the red chutney into the golgappa.

5.Sprinkle chaat masala,black salt into the golgappa as per your taste.

6.Garnish with pomegranate seeds(anar dana) and sev(namkin).Serve it as evening snacks.



  1. Kebhe khuabu nani..jaldi aa ga

  2. There it goes that I love the floating beans which I do it for an ingredient of the veggie lumpia. Love it and make me quite great to prepare it a home.


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