11 July 2011

Diet Palak Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese and Spinach curry) .

Diet Palak Paneer or Indian Cottage Cheese and Spinach Curry is an authentic dish mainly served in Asian countries like India and Pakistan.It is made with Spinach(palak) and Indian Cottage Cheese(paneer), with some spices ,so it is so healthy to eat as in lunch or in dinner .It is basically a North Indian dish but now a days it is prepared and loved all over the World.I have named it Diet palak paneer as it contains less oil and green spinach and fresh paneer(Indian cottage cheese).
                 First time i enjoyed this dish in my Friend's house and from the same time i tried to cook it and tried adding some extra twist to it.It is best for children as it contains cheese which has the required nutritional value which Children need in Daily life.It is so yummy that all age group love it .Try this Authentic Indian Dish and feel free to share your opinions and suggestions.

Style-Indian Curry


Indian Cottage Cheese-200 gms or 8 ounces
Spinach-300 gms or 4 Ounces
Refined Soya Oil-1 tablespoon
Tomato- 1 Big
1 medium Sized Onion
7 cloves of Garlic
1 Small piece of Ginger
Red chili powder-1 teaspoon
Green chili- 5 pieces
Coriander Powder(dhania powder)-1 teaspoon
Cumin Powder(zeera powder)-1 teaspoon
Turmeric (haldi) powder- 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste

Steps To Prepare
1.Chop the Spinach leaves.

2.Boil the spinach leaves with 1 small cup of water for 3 minutes.

3.Make a paste of boiled Spinach leaves,Garlic cloves,Ginger and green chili.

4.Chop the onions and tomatoes,Heat the pan ,take 1 table spoon refined soya oil,when oil get hot add chopped onions,fry till it become golden brown.

4.Add chopped tomato and salt to taste.Fry till the tomatoes get tender.

5.Add the Spinach paste.

6.Mix it Properly and let it boil for 5 minutes.

7.Cut the Paneer(Indian Cottage Cheese) into triangle shapes or as per your choice.

8.Add the Paneer(Indian Cottage Cheese) Slices and let it boil for 1 minute.

9.The dish is ready.

Best Served with: Indian Rotis,Naans or Steamed Rice



  1. nare muin jai thili bele kichhi ni banalu aau ekhen parkar parkar banei kiri khauchhu

  2. Palak paneer is one type of saag, which can also be made with mustard leaves.It is a popular vegetarian dish.The difference between palak paneer and saag paneer may also be, in some cases, consistency.


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