06 July 2011

Diet and Healthy puffed rice(mudhi chana).

Diet and healthy puffed rice is made with the home mode puffed rice that is made in houses of Orissa.The puffed rice(bhel) displayed in the image is made by my mom in our village in Orissa.
In this year 2011 I had been to my home in the beginning of summer i.e in March and i thought of taking some home made puffed rice with me to Delhi where I stay presently.My mom made it for me in some authentic orissi way.It was a tough task for my mom to prepare as she is a retired school teacher still for the sake of my love she did it.I am using the authentic puffed rice made by my mother.
This healthy recipe is made with no oil so it is healthy and with no fat contents that's why it is best diet for weight loss also.Below I present the recipe .Try it and have it as a snack either in the morning or evening.

Puffed rice-1 small bowl
Sprouted kala chana(black chick peas)-20gms
sprouted moong-20gms
2 to 3 green chili
Chopped coriander leaves-1 tablespoon
Chopped tomato-30 gms
chopped Onion-2 tablespoon
Lemon juice-1 tablespoon
chopped Ginger(adrak)-1 teaspoon
Salt to taste.

Take a bowl and mix the ingredients and your Diet and healthy puffed rice is ready.



  1. I Love the Diet & Healthy Recipes

  2. anuradha.titli90@gmail.comAugust 11, 2014 at 1:07 AM

    im very happy dat sumone from orisssa has turned up....orissi food are full of authentic taste and traditional aroma...i would be very happy if u come up with our ghanta(i also dont know d prep), bakedpumpkin bharta(kakharoo checha),prawn with coconut masala,besar n oriya sweet dishes....just for d dishes...

    1. Han Anuradha.Very happy to receive your comment. I will share some more recipes with you.


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