14 July 2011

Chickpeas and panner curry with potatoes.

Chickpeas become so delicious when prepared with cottage cheese.From my childhood i have only eaten chole curry only which my mom prepares at its best but now i am going to mix it potato and panner.I made fusion south Indian and north Indian like i have added curry leaves aw well as curd.The aroma of curry make us feel like the taste of south and the taste of curd gives the flavor of north India.

                           The twist i have added to this dish is Curry leaves ,generally curry leaves are not added to north Indian curry dishes but i have changed it and a great taste .Prepare it in your home and share the experience with me.


Style:Fusion of south and north Indian curry


Soaked overnight and than boiled chickpeas-50 gms
Indian Cottage Cheese(paneer)-50 gms(cut into small cubes)
Boiled potato-1 big(cut into small pieces)
Onion-1 big chopped
Tomato-1 big chopped
Refined oil-1 tablespoon
Curry leaves-2 bunches
Coriander leaves-2-3 bunches(half chopped and half for garnishing)
Red chili powder-1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder-2 teaspoon
Indian curry powder-1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
curd-2 tablespoon
water-1 small cup

Steps to Prepare

1.Heat oil in a pan,add chopped onion and curry leaves.fry it.

2.Fry till the onion become golden brown.

3.Add chopped tomato and fry till the tomato get tender.

4.Add the spices and salt to taste.fry for 5 mins in low flame.

5.Add boiled potato and chickpeas.

5.Add paneer cubes.and chopped coriander leaves.

6.Mix the masala properly.

7.Add minced curd.

8.Add water.

9.Chole paneer aloo is ready to eat, garnish with coriander leaves.

Best Served with Indian bread like roti ,and naan.



  1. Paneer ko milk me soda ya fitkedi dalke banya jata hai.paneer se kafi parkar ki recipes banayi jati hai.magar delhi, punajb,or uttar pradesh aadi me sahi paneer, kadahi paneer,matar paneer ko hi Jada pa sand kiya jata hai.

  2. Very unique recipe. I can't figure out how does it taste. The recipe is too easy to follow. Thanks for sharing this.


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