05 July 2011

Aloo chole palak dry(Potato and chick peas with spinach curry).

Aloo chole palak is an authentic Indian Recipe prepared all over india in every Indian houses.Now a days when there is short of time to cook different delicacies ,it is one of the best one to be prepared only in 20 mins.The potatoes and chick peas are cooked with spinach flavor by adding some indian spices that is best suited for this recipe.The ingredients required to prepare this are easily available in Indian houses as well as all over the world.
                    First time I tried this 1 year ago and all my family members loved it.In fact it is one of the famous North Indian Recipe.Whenever I give a visit to my friend Sandhya's house,i have to eat North indian foods which i didn't like earlier but after staying long 5 years in Delhi NCR I had to like it as I have no other option .I have tried so many dished like Tomato moong dal,Dahi Valle,pumpkin Bhaji in my friend's house which I will share in my next posts.
             For now try this dry gravy recipe and feel free to share your questions and suggestions.

Preparation Time:15 mins
Cooking time (approx.): 10 mins
Style: North Indian 

Boiled potato-4 medium size
Boiled Chick peas(kabuli chana)-100 gms
Semi boiled spinach(palak)-50 gms
Refined Soya oil-2 tablespoon
Sliced Onions-50 gms
Sliced  Tomato-100gms
Turmeric(haldi) Powder-1 teaspoon
Red chilli powder-1 teaspoon
Curry Powder-2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Coriander(dhania) leaves-1 teaspoon.
Green chili -2-3
Steps to prepare.
1.Take a pan and add oil .
2.When the oil get hot  add sliced onions..
3.When the onions  become  golden brown add sliced tomatoes,and add salt to taste. 
4.Fry till the tomatoes get tender
5.Add haldi powder,red chili powder,curry powder and fry till the oil get separated from the masala.
6.Add boiled spinach and fry for 1 min.
7.Add the boiled chick peas and boiled potatoes.
8.Fry it for 5 mins.
9.Remove it from fire and add coriander leaves.

Tip –Add pinch of salt which frying onions ,it will make your onion get golden brown easily and quickly. 
Best Served with Rotis,paranthas .



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