06 July 2011

10 Best Anti aging fruits(food) to nourish your skin.

Everyone hate to look aged ,so anti aging creams,foods are the hottest thing the world search for.Eating vegetables and fruits always make us healthy as well as help us to look young and refreshing which in short protect us from aging.All the anti aging specialists in the world also advice us to keep on the fruit diet to look younger.

Here is the list of some great food which will help you to look more younger than your age.


Tomato is the main fruit/vegetable in our daily life which can be included in salad,soups,gravies,and also in the main dishes.It is proven by the experts that one tomato salad a day makes us more refreshing as well help us to look more younger. Tomato is the best supplement which help us to reduce the aging effects in our body.

Avocado Best for anti aging

Avocado is  famous food as its contain a lot of fat.But actually it is high in monounsaturated fat which reduces cholesterol level in the body.It is a great source of Vitamin E which help to keep your skin smooth and younger.Avocado is great to use in sandwiches instead of butter spread.The flesh of Avocado is loaded with antioxidants.

Fish Protein

Adding fish to you daily diet prevent our skin to look aged.You can include  fish up to three times a week.Your body requires quality protein and for which fish is the best protein supplement.It also lowers the risk of heart disease.

Carrots best for vision

Carrots are an excellent source of beta carotene which is a powerful antioxidant that fights aging and many diseases like eye disease . Studies have shown that people who eat one medium carrot a day significantly reduced risk of lung cancer. Beta carotene also keeps your vision sharp protecting your eyes from age related diseases. It is also important for keeping your immune system strong.It has many benefits if  its taken raw i.e. uncooked.


Just mash one banana and  add a splash of milk or hydrating honey, place it in a container and put it in your refrigerator. Apply it on the areas affected by skin aging twice a week and you can see great results.


If you suffer from dry skin disorder apricot is the best fruit to be taken.It is the best source of  Vitamin A supplement which is the precursor to Retinol, a widely used ingredient in the beauty market that can get rid of wrinkles and look more younger than your age.


Pineapple is considered as a great  antioxidant as  its a great source of Vitamin C. But in addition to that, this can help get rid of age spots. The spots we get due to aging is best prevented by its natural bleaching properties .


Papaya is best known for its  bleaching  property .It is used in beauty products like  many whitening products. But it has so many advantages and that includes warding off dermis wrinkles and bringing forth young, supple and clear skin.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice is best consumed in stead of white rice,it  contain complex carbohydrates, to insure that you feel full of energy,refreshing  all day. Brown rice is high in fiber and B group vitamins. It must be only  steamed brown rice as it will not loose its properties when steamed ,if will take it as fried it will loose its vitamins.Brown rice recipes are getting more popular now.


Water , if taken sufficiently no disease will affect you.It is the only food in this world which contain all the vitamins that exist in this world.Drinking enough water keep our skin as well as body healthy.

If you want to impress your loved one’s ,just keep into this fruits and impress them and seduce them by your looks.Best of Luck..



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